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Portia’s Trick Theatrical Farce or Cruel and Calculated - Literature Essay Samples

It is often observed that William Shakespeare’s comedies feature some uncomfortable scenes that leave audiences unsure as to whether characters are participating in harmless, theatrical farce or a meaner brand of mockery that borders on the cruel. Such scenes involve trickery that seems funny enough on the surface but, upon closer inspection of the jokester’s motives, can slowly replace a reader’s easy grin with a look of bemusement and concern. In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, the comedy’s leading lady is no stranger to the kind of jokes that seem to take things too far. During the second half of the play, Portia orchestrates a prank in order to best her future husband Bassanio, to the somewhat troubling effect mentioned above. In Portia’s case, however, the trick was executed not with depraved intentions, but with the goal of asserting dominance over her would-be husband. Although Portia seems to love Bassanio, he presents a threat to both her autonomy and her control over her deceased father’s estate and riches. In order to maintain her power, Portia uses her trick with the ring to position herself above Bassanio, belittling him by questioning and attacking his fidelity, sexual dominance, and masculinity before finally revealing that all was done in jest.Portia’s first move in her campaign for dominance over Bassanio calls his faithfulness into question. Upon hearing that Bassanio gave his ring to the â€Å"civil doctor† who defended the men in their case against Shylock, Portia immediately denounces her future husband, calling his â€Å"false heart of truth† as empty as his ring finger (V.1.189). Although the lady then quickly invokes the threat of refusing to lay with Bassanio until the ring is found, it is not until later in her discourse that she fully utilizes sex as a weapon to subjugate her man. Portia first focuses on Bassanio’s lack of fidelity, turning his excuses against him in a mocking parallel form. When Bassanio tries to explain:If you did know to whom I gave the ring,If you did know for whom I gave the ring,And would conceive for what I gave the ring,And how unwillingly I left the ring (193-196). Portia fires back accordingly, matching each justification with a sharp rebuttal:If you had known the virtue of the ring,Or half her worthiness that gave the ring,Or your own honor to contain the ring,You would not then have parted with the ring (199-202). Never does Portia even consider Bassanio’s defenses; while she knows they are true, she has chosen to dismiss them in order to break her fiancà © down to a more manageable form. She emphasizes the importance of the ring, her own value, and the honor conferred onto Bassanio as the ring’s bearer before stating that he has sullied them all by forfeiting her prized gift to him. Portia makes clear her implication that she must mean nothing to Bassanio if he gave away her ring, a betrayal she claims would not have happened had he â€Å"defended it / With any terms of zeal† (203-204). Here irony and condescension drip from Portia’s lines. Finally, Portia begins in earnest to move sex from her cache of ploys to the front lines, claiming that Bassanio must have given the ring to another woman. In painting Bassanio as a faithless lover who committed a serious breach of trust, Portia gets Bassanio on the defensive. Her plan to make Bassanio lose the ring creates a situation where Portia possesses power and the erring fiancà © must try to make amends.Portia, however, will not grant mercy or expose her prank without first thoroughly belittling Bassanio. When he tries once again to convince Portia that he has given her ring to the â€Å"worthy doctor† and not another woman, Portia challenges Bassanio’s sexual dominion over her (222). Because he has so carelessly relinquished her ring to the civil doctor, Portia says that she â€Å"will become as liberal as† her fiancà © with what he owns through the contractual exchange of marriage: her body (226). She promises that she will sleep with this worthy doctor, if given the slightest chance. While Portia lays claim to her sexuality in this scene, she turns it into a kind of commodity, with a price equal to that of the ring Bassanio gave as payment to the doctor. Nonetheless, she does not fail to highlight how this would affect Bassanio. She implies how sleeping with the doctor would emasculate Bassanio and usurp his right to Portia’s body when she says that she will not deny the doctor neither her â€Å"body nor [her] husband’s bed† (228). In the patriarchal system in which these characters operate, the wife is seen as the husband’s property. Portia allowing another man into the marital bed would be a blow not only to Bassanio’s masculinity and pride but also to his rightful ownership of the property he came into through the mar riage ceremony (Portia). Her entire speech here reads like a challenge, as she taunts Bassanio with promises such as â€Å"Know him I shall, I am well sure of it† and warnings like â€Å"†¦watch me like Argus,† a mythical figure with a hundred eyes (229-230). This demonstration of her ability to deflate Bassanio’s power through extra-marital sex is another step in Portia’s scheme to conquer her husband-to-be. Portia has shifted her strategy from focusing on Bassanio’s mistakes and deprecating his character, to fully wielding the power she is gaining over her fiancà ©.Ironically, it is in pardoning Bassanio that Portia hurts him most. After endless apologies by Bassanio who promises to never break an oath with his love again, Portia seems to relent. She accepts Bassanio’s regrets and Antonio’s role as surety, before presenting him with the very ring that he had given away. When an astonished Bassanio realizes â€Å"it is the sam e ring [he] gave the doctor,† Portia speaks up, not with the intention of explaining away the confusion, but in order to execute her final act of power (257). In a line that rings of artificial regret and nearly offensive nonchalance, Portia says: â€Å"†¦Pardon me, Bassanio, / For by this ring the doctor lay with me† (258-259). This prank is by far Portia’s cruelest. It is true that the audience knows there is no doctor and that Portia has actually remained faithful to Bassanio, which grants the scene a touch of comedy and dramatic irony. Bassanio, however, is under the impression that the woman he is set to marry has slept with another man. By making it seem like she has made a cuckold of Bassanio in order to get the ring back, Portia succeeds in asserting total dominance over her fiancà ©. In Shakespeare’s time (and arguably today), having a cheating wife was the ultimate form of emasculation. The nature of a cuckold directs the shame, mockery, an d perhaps even the blame to the man in the relationship, as he is supposed to control his wife. Bassanio is furthered belittled through this trick as it implies that if he had not lost the ring to begin with, Portia would not have had to sleep with the doctor. Unfortunately, the audience never gets to hear a reaction from Bassanio, as Gratiano breaks up this power play of humiliation and deceit with the line: â€Å"What, are we cuckolds ere we have deserved it?† (265). This remark, which comically indicates that husbands are wont to drive their spouses to infidelity, marks a return to lightheartedness and normalcy. Portia, having fully subdued Bassanio, finally gives up her little prank. She explains how she was the civil doctor all along and, keeping up with her new good-natured persona, tells Antonio the fortunate reports about his ships. Portia’s timely announcement of this good news seems like a strategy to redeem herself to the characters and the audience, a ploy that helps the lot forget about her sadistic trick. Whether Portia reconciles with readers in unknown. Bassanio, on the other hand, makes it clear that all is forgiven, saying: â€Å"Sweet doctor, you shall be my bedfellow. / When I am absent then lie with my wife† (284-285). Unbelievably, after being berated for a plan that Portia set up and hearing that his fiancà © has slept with another man, Bassanio expresses no grievances. By the conclusion of Act V, Portia has successfully subjugated her man. The balance of power in the relationship has been determined, with Portia in full control. Through her scheme with the ring, Portia has questioned Bassanio’s fidelity, challenged his sexual dominance, and emasculated him to the point where his volition has been replaced with the sole need to appease his would-be wife. In her manipulative moves, Portia punishes Bassanio for his supposed wrongs before granting him forgiveness for an error she forced upon him. But is it not P ortia that is in need of forgiveness? The trick she employs to assert her dominance over Bassanio cannot be written off as a harmless joke. While at times they are somewhat entertaining, her machinations put Bassanio through emotional turmoil and distress that he does not seem to deserve. Portia’s joke is a prime example of purported comedy that is not easily distinguishable from cruel personal attacks.

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A Company Profile Of Balfour Beatty Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1200 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Balfour Beatty provides world class services in infrastructure industry. They operate the lifecycle of infrastructure and have a strong position infrastructure markets. They have four brands in leading market-leading these are Professional services Construction services Support services Infrastructure services They provide main services in creation and care of infrastructure that includes investment, project designing, finance, management services, engineering, and construction services. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "A Company Profile Of Balfour Beatty Finance Essay" essay for you Create order Their main customers are in United Kingdom, Europe, United States, South East Asia, Australia, and Middle East. They deliver the highest level of safety, quality and technical expertise. Question No. 1 The companys gearing decision. You should also evaluate the gearing decision of the firm and comparing it with the theoretical and empirical evidences. Answer: Gearing: Gearing tells us about the relationship between the companys debt and equity shareholders funds. It expressed as a percentage and calculated by dividing the companys debt by its equity. Highly geared company means higher risk and means company unable to pay its large debts. There are several reasons of shareholders interest in gearing for example high gearing risk means that there is a risk on liquidation or insolvency, it increases the instability on dividends. If gearing is high then there is a low chance of receiving dividends is company liquidate. Credit agencies analyse very carefully in companys ratio before offering any loan because if company is highly geared they might not pay the interest. Calculation of gearing ratio: It compares the total borrowing of the company with amount of finance invested into the business. It shows the ratio of the capital raised through the borrowing. Following is the formula to calculate the gearing ratio: Capital employed financed means the total debt financed and share holders funds. Using this formula 25% gearing ratio means 25% of finance comes from debt finance and 75% from equity financed. Company is highly geared if 50% + of total capital comes from long term loan. Gearing Ratio of Balfour Beatty: Gearing Ratio Calculation years Non-Current Assets Current Assets Total Current Liabilities Non-Current Liabilities Total Equity Gearing ratio 2007 1673 1686 3359 2165 711 2876 483 147.205 2008 2378 2166 4544 2809 870 3679 788 110.4061 2009 2818 2576 5394 3044 1344 4388 1238 108.5622 Interpretation: Dividends policy Question no 2 The companys dividend decision. You should report on the companys current dividend policy. If the firm announced a dividend between 05/10/2010 and 09/02/2011. How did the market react to the dividend announcement? Compare and contrast yours selected companys policy to the theoretical and empirical evidences. Answer What is Dividend policy? A firm have different choices regarding dividend policy whether they pay to shareholders as cash dividends, how should be it distributed, and much the cash should be. In broader sense dividend policy also means to take the decision whether to distribute cash to investors via share repurchase rather than regular dividends. How dividend policy effect firms value? There are different views on how dividend policy affects companys value: Dividend increase shareholders wealth (Gordon 1959) Dividends are irrelevant (Miller and Scholes 1978) Dividend decrease shareholders wealth (litzenberger and ramaswamy 1979) Recent research from 1983 to 1987 done by cornell, Shapiro, prezas, ravid, says that there is a relationship between investment and financial decision investor stakeholders (suppliers, customers, banks, employees, distributers) influence the financial decision. Dividend policy of Balfour Beatty and reinvestment plan: Balfour Beatty aims over time to grow the dividend broadly in line with the growth in earnings, taking into account the investment needs of the business. The Board has recommended a final dividend of 7.2p in respect of 2009, giving a full-year dividend of 12.0p (2008: 11.1p adjusted), up 8% on last year. Underlying dividend cover for 2009 is 2.9, slightly lower than the cover of 3.1 last year but the Board believes that this is reasonable given the strength of the Groups cash reserves and future prospects. Balfour Beatty has a dividend reinvested plan which allows their ordinary shareholders to reinvest their cash dividends in companys share from through specially arranged share dealing services. Dividends paid over the years Financial Calendar of Balfour Beatty of 2010 Date Event 1 January Preference dividend payable 4 March 2009 Prelim announcement 21 April Ordinary: ex-dividend date 23 April Ordinary: record date 12 May AGM and provisional date for trading update 26 May Preference: ex-dividend date 28 May Preference: record date 1 June Ordinary: last date for form of election (DRIP) 1 July Preference dividend payable July Interim Management Statement 5 July Ordinary: payment date 11 August Half-year results announcement 6 October Interim ordinary: ex-dividend date 8 October Interim ordinary: record date 3 November Final date for DRIP mandate forms in respect of interim ordinary dividend 11 November Interim Management Statement 24 November Preference: ex-dividend date 26 November Preference: record date 3 December Interim ordinary: dividend payment date For 2011 Date Event 1 January Preference dividend payable 13 January Update on trading for year ended 31 December 2010 3 March 2010 full-year results announcement 12 May Annual General Meeting 17 August 2011 half-year results announcement Question no 3 The companys working capital management. By using appropriate ratio analysis evaluate your selected companys management of working capital. Where are its strengths and weaknesses? Compare and contrast with relevant theoretical and empirical literature. Answer Working Capital Management Working capital is a financial tool which helps to understand the operating liquidity available to the organization including government entity. Working capital measures the organization health and efficiency. If working capital of the organization is positive it means that company is able to pay its short term liabilities. But if working capital is negative its means that company is not able to pay its short term liabilities this could be dangerous for company and also affect its market value and share price. Ratios: A financial ratio is a key to understand the financial situation of the company. Most of the ratios are calculated from the information given in the financial statements. Financial ratio can be used by the managers to help in decision making that will help shareholders, creditors, and financial markets. It helps them to understand the strength and weakness of the company. If shares of the company traded in financial market the share price is also used. There are different types of financial ratios Profitability ratio Liquidity ratio Assets turnover ratio Financial leverage ratio Dividend policy ratio Profitability Ratio: It used to measure the companys used of assets and control over the expenses and generate a good rate of return. It measures the success of the firm on profit generating. Profitability ratios calculated as follows: 31/12/2009 GBP 31/12/2008 GBP 31/12/2007 GBP 31/12/2006 GBP 31/12/2005 GBP Profitability ratios Return on Shareholders Funds (%) 26.65 31.36 32.51 32.30 48.29 Return on Capital Employed (%) 11.36 15.56 13.15 12.78 16.32 Return on Total Assets (%) 4.95 5.94 4.67 4.85 6.29 Profit margin (%) 2.98 3.27 2.43 2.79 3.67 Gross margin (%) 8.72 7.66 7.33 8.16 7.69 Berry ratio (x) 1.38 1.39 1.20 2.04 1.80 EBIT margin (%) 2.39 2.17 1.21 2.76 3.41 EBITDA margin (%) 3.72 3.28 2.12 4.10 4.59 Liquidity ratio: It shows the firms ability to meet its short term liabilities and availability of cash to pay its debts. There are two types of liquidity ratio Ratios   2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 Current ratio (x) 0.85 0.77 0.78 0.80 0.90 Liquidity ratio (x) 0.81 0.73 0.75 0.75 0.86 Assets turnover ratio It shows that how efficiently a company uses its assets and generate revenue or sales for the company. Following is the formula to calculate it Financial leverage ratio: Dividend policy ratio: Dividend policy ratio tells about the dividend policy of the company and future growth. There are two different ratio method used to calculate this: Balfour Beatty Trading Update Results for 2010 Balfour Beatty plc will announce their trading results for the year ended 31st December 2010 on 3rd of March 2011. Trading: Their overall performance is regular with their plans. They book high quality book order of  £15 billion which shows the strength of their expertise in technical and integrated solutions. Operational performance: In professional services, performance is more then there

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Acting Like An Adult For The Workplace Means You Approach...

1. Acting like an adult in the workplace means you approach your work responsibilities seriously. However, not all adult behaviour patterns are positive or beneficial to the company. Some behaviours encourage self-discipline, profitability, and teamwork, but others lower morale and lead to workplace problems. The problem with Mohan in the above case, he is ‘’trying to be in two worlds at the same time’’. As mentioned above that when he joined the company he was very friendly with everyone and tried to gain knowledge from his teammates but now when he is promoted he never listens to everyone and the other employees have not given opportunity to present their views in his supervision. What he is exactly trying to do is trying to act like a boss which he never been because it’s the demand of the position and at the same time he is also trying to be that old familiar Mohan to them. He is confused what to prioritize. He is going through behaviour changes. Behavior in this category includes a strong, assertive and confidential tone. It communicates the message, I am a strong, competent and knowledgeable person on whom you can rely on for effective guidance and leadership. This approach generally requires other people to be submissive, obedient and respectful. Extreme forms of behavior, falling into this group, may include a dictatorial and dogmatic approach. This style of behavior is a direct expression of hostility and dominance at the verbal and non verbal level.Show MoreRelatedCommon Induction Standards Essay22388 Words   |  90 PagesCommon Induction Standards (Adult Social Care) Manager’s Guide This workbook has been updated and reviewed with funding from Skills for Care Berkshire, led by Berkshire Care Association in partnership with representatives from: Reading Borough Council, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Wokingham Borough Council, Bracknell Forest Council, West Berkshire Council and Bracknell Wokingham College September 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Standard 1 – Understanding The Principles ofRead MoreNVQ level 58726 Words   |  35 PagesPerson centred practice are ways of commissioning, providing and organising services rooted in listening to what people want, to help them live in their communities as they choose. These approaches work to use resource flexibly designed around what is important to an individual from their own perspective and work to remove any cultural and organisational barriers. People are not simply placed in pre-existing services and expected to adjust, rather the service strives to adjust to the person. Person - centredRead MoreEmployment Responsibilities and Rights in Health Social Care and Children8829 Words   |  36 PagesLevel 2 Award in Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care and Children and Young People’s Settings Workbook Level 2 Award in Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health, Social Care and Children and Young People’s Settings Workbook Contents Modules Topic Contracts of employment Anti-discrimination Age discrimination Statutory rights and responsibilities Disability discrimination Working hours, rest breaks and holiday entitlement Maternity/Paternity, parental and adoptionRead MoreILM Work based assignment Essay5982 Words   |  24 Pagesï » ¿ Work Based Assignment M3.12 M3.26 Contents page Contents page 2 WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT 3 MARK SHEET 5 The value of assessing performance 6 Managing performance 7 Motivating the team to improve performance in the workplace 8 The value of feedback in the workplace 9 Appendices 10 WORK BASED ASSIGNMENT - M3.12 MOTIVATING TO PERFORM IN THE WORKPLACE/ M3.26 MANAGING PERFORMANCE Centre Number Centre Name Candidate Registration No Candidate NameRead Moreunit 4222-2052502 Words   |  11 Pagesabuse Sexual abuse includes: rape and sexual assault, masturbation, indecent exposure, penetration or attempted penetration of intimate areas, sexual harassment, involving a vulnerable adult in pornography, enforced witnessing of sexual acts or sexual media, participation in sexual acts to which the vulnerable adult has not consented or could not consent or was pressured into consenting. c. Emotional / psychological abuse The emotional and psychological abuse includes: bullying, threats of harmRead MoreUnit 11 Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence Essay3870 Words   |  16 PagesP4: Outline key legislation and regulation which govern safeguarding adults work. Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act: The purpose is to restrict contact between children and vulnerable adults and those who might do them harm. The barring aspects of the Act came into force in October 2009. The Government is currently reviewing the implementation timetable for other parts of the Act, such as the provisions requiring employees to become ‘ISA-registered’. While the 2006 Act itself is very complexRead MoreHSC024 PRINCIPLES OF SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE4024 Words   |  17 Pagesthe factors alone do not mean that abuse is taking place. OUTCOME 2 2.1 Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused. It is important that you stay calm, you must never jump to any conclusions or make accusations. you need to make sure you give the person a chance to talk, if nothing has been told you need to make sure you inform a higher member off staff, you need to make sure that you, remember the important information as you will need to record allRead MoreMaslow s Impact On Social Influences On The Chosen Individual3083 Words   |  13 Pagesreach your full potential. After the loss of his family, Paul’s life seems to have spiralled out of control and he feels nobody understands him and therefore feels he has no support or help. In the â€Å"recognising problem drinking† leaflet it says never feel your alone as 49% of men exceed daily and/or weekly limits in a typical week. Finally Paul’s cognitive needs are required to be addressed. Cognitive needs are things such as your memory, communicating and tasks that require you to use your brainRead More514 unit7344 Words   |  30 PagesLearner name Lisa Loveday Use this form to record details of activities (tick as appropriate) ï‚ ¨ Observed by your assessor ï‚ ¨ Seen by expert witness ï‚ ¨ Seen by witness ï‚ ¨ Self / reflective account NB. Your assessor may wish to ask you some questions relating to this activity. There is a separate sheet for recording these. The person who observed/witnessed your activity must sign and date overleaf. Date of Activity Unit(s) Learning outcome (s) Assessment criteria Evidence 514Read MoreUnderstand Principles of Professional Development Essay5962 Words   |  24 Pagesdevelop a learning culture with work based learning at the heart of this. Continual professional development is a process of life-long learning that meets the needs of clients and enables care workers to expand and fulfil their potential. It is important to continually improve your knowledge and practice in order to remain aware and keep updated regards current guidelines, legislations and standards relative to your practice. As manager it is your role and responsibility to ensure staff are kept up to

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Sexual Harassment And The Workplace - 1697 Words

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place: Building More Awareness In today’s society, sexual harassment in the workplace has become a problem. This problem should have more attention and awareness provided to help stop these situations from happening. Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, at any time, and to everyone. It does not discriminate and effects all ethnicity, genders, age, and races. Due to the larger number of cases presented in courts today, sexual harassment in the workplace continues to increase as each year passes. Through Television media, radio talk shows, and the news outlets each seem to be consumed with covering the more well-known sexual harassment cases. As these issues become more epidemic awareness and laws need to be†¦show more content†¦As such, sexual harassment can be perpetrated by either coworkers or supervisors, because to commit this type of harassment, the actor need have no greater power in the workplace than the victim.† (Kohlman, 1317) There are many situations that are classified in each category that range from indirect to red flags for trouble and ones that are traumatic life experiences that will be the victim forever. Those who are victimized are not restricted just to co-workers. Managers, clients, those working in other departments, and supervisors are just some to name a few who can also be offenders. While the person that is being harassed is most often the one that is affected, it can be anybody that finds the actions inappropriate. In the United States, sexual harassment has been a known problem since before the Civil War era. Enslaved women and domestic servants were the most vulnerable from their owners in sexual abuse. Author Margaret A. Crouch states in her book, â€Å"In the United States, the vulnerability of working women to sexual coercion by employers has been a matter of public discussion since at least the early nineteenth century. Abolitionists protested the vulnerability of enslaved women to sexual exploitation by their owners.† Back then society just wrote off theShow MoreRelatedSexual Harassment At The Workplace1697 Words   |  7 PagesSexual Harassment in the Workplace Eva L. Mendez-Zacher MG260, Business Law I 28 September 2014 Dr. Anita Whitby Abstract I’m conducting a study on Sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is possible in all social and economic classes, ethnic groups, jobs and places in the community. Through this study I hope to clarify the common misconception that sexual harassment is an isolated female problem. Although the majority of the cases reported are in fact male on femaleRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace990 Words   |  4 PagesIt is great to have a workplace where you are friends with your coworkers. But what happens when coworkers talk about other coworkers in a sexual context. Two male coworkers talking about female staff where coworkers in the area can hear. Your manager suggests that they can help you earn a promotion if you go out with them. This puts employees in awkward situations where they might not know if this is considered sexual harassment. If it is, an employee maybe unsure what to do about it. AccordingRead MoreSexual Harassment And The Workplace963 W ords   |  4 PagesSexual Harassment in the Workplace There are federal laws put in position to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Most employees sometimes don’t even realize what sexual harassment is are when they are committing this violation. On the flip side an employee may not realized when they are being sexually harassed and when is the appropriate time to speak up. Education on sexual harassment has increased within the workplace as cases are more public and fines are getting steeper. In this researchRead MoreSexual Harassment And The Workplace1396 Words   |  6 PagesEssay #3 Sexual harassment in the workplace has always been an issue, even before women were introduced into the working environment in the twentieth century. In recent years this issue may have become more publicized than before and not as overlooked as it used to be, but it unfortunately affects people all across the nation, both men and women alike. From that fast food chain where your kid is working at, to that fortune 500 company you’ve never heard of, it is happening. Over the last severalRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace2180 Words   |  9 PagesSexual harassment is among the many factors that make employees uncomfortable at the workplace. This vice is a sum of all the unwelcomed advances of sexual nature that employees go through from their colleagues or superiors. There is no gender limit to sexual harassment since both males and females may be coerced to engage in some things for sexual favours. Sexual harassment takes both verbal and physical form. Since managers are responsible for the provision of a comfortable working environmentRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1253 Words   |  6 PagesSexual Harassment in the Workplace What cause sexual harassment in the workplace? Sexual harassment is defined as discrimination towards sex. It is unwanted verbal and/or physical contact between two human beings, however, in this case I would like to focus on the workplace (co-worker or supervisor). Based on Civil Rights Act of 1991, there has been an increased amount of incentives for employer’s prohibition conducts of sexual harassment. How people perceive and evaluate sexual harassmentRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1359 Words   |  6 Pagesfor any company to legally define what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, but there are many ways to define sexual harassment. Everyone has different views and tolerance levels towards sexual harassment. When a case of sexual harassment occurs in a workplace, however, it comes down to how the courts define sexual harassment. The Supreme Court defines sexual harassment to be unlawful in two ways. â€Å"The first type involves sexual harassment that results in a tangible employment action;† thisRead MoreSexual Harassment And The Workplace Essay1466 Words   |  6 PagesSexual Harassment in the Workplace Introduction Sexual harassment is an ethical problem in the workplace. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature. It can affect your working conditions and creates a hostile work environment. It can also affect productivity, satisfaction, retention, patient care and safety, your physical well-being and mental health. It can also cause low staff morale, increased absenteeism and attrition of staff. This studentRead MoreSexual Harassment And The Workplace1608 Words   |  7 Pagessubject to sexual harassment ranging from sexually degrading comments to physical acts of sexual assault. Unfortunately for the women working at the mine, that was only the beginning of the harassment they’d experience. If this was not damaging enough, women were deterred, if not, outright sanctioned for reporting instances of harassment to management. It is reasonable to assume that culture at Pearson Taconite and Steel fostered a hostile work environment for women. Though the issue of sexual harassmentRead MoreSexual Harassment At The Workplace1697 Words   |  7 Pages Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Eva L. Mendez-Zacher MG260, Business Law I 28 September 2014 Dr. Anita Whitby Abstract I’m conducting a study on Sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is possible in all social and economic classes, ethnic groups, jobs and places in the community. Through this study I hope to clarify the common misconception that sexual harassment is an isolated female problem. Although the majority of the cases reported are in fact male on female

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The Oppressed Female in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre

The Oppressed Female in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontà « clearly demonstrates the relationship between sexuality and morality in Victorian society through the character of Bertha Mason, the daughter of a West Indian planter and Rochesters first wife. Rochester recklessly married Bertha in his youth, and when it was discovered shortly after the marriage that Bertha was sexually promiscuous, Rochester locked her away. Bertha is called a maniac and is characterized as insane. Confining Bertha for her display of excess passion reinforces a prevalent theme in Jane Eyre, that of oppressive sexual Victorian values. Berthas captivity metaphorically speaks on the male-dominated Victorian society†¦show more content†¦In many instances, though, at both Lowood School and at Thornfield Hall, Jane is found wistfully staring out windows. Though she is not as confined as Bertha, her longing is an expression of being trapped in a subjugated societal station nearly impossible to surmount. Unlike Bertha who is locked in a room behind double doors with no windows at all, Jane is given a little more freedom in which to explore her inner desires. Her intent looking out of windows perhaps signifies her longing for a life in which she can freely express her whole self. As Mr. Brockelhurst had warned against conformation to nature during Janes time at Lowood School, Jane has been socially programmed to hold back real passion. Though she may want to conform to nature, she instead must accept the moral standards of the day. In this way, Jane typifies the Victorian woman in her repression. As an example, even though she wants to marry Rochester, she chooses not to when she learns about Bertha, because it would be morally wrong. However repressed Jane is, she seems to go beyond the norm in certain other ways. For example, she refuses to be dominated by men and speaks up with straightforwardness and sincerity. Further, Jane and Rochester have an egalitarian relationship, which is not typical in Victorian society. Throughout Jane Eyre, Brontà « uses images of fire to symbolically represent passion and sexuality,Show MoreRelatedCharlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢S Writing Was Considered Controversial1019 Words   |  5 PagesCharlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s writing was considered controversial because of the position of the main character being opposite of what was represented by women in the time period. Her style of writing was influenced by her life, her loss of several family members and her sister’s similar styles of writing. Charlotte Brontà « was brought up among terrible conditions, with much loss and change in her lifetime. Charlotte Brontà « was born on April 21, 1816 as the third daughter of Maria Branwell and Reverend PatrickRead MoreThe Exposure of Feminist Critique in 19th Century Literature: a Look at Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s Jane Eyre1749 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent causes and comes in many forms; it may be made verbal, explicit, implicit, physical, and even made humorous or satirical. Charlotte Brontà «, a 19th century Victorian feminist wrote her novel Jane Eyre as a means of exposing the confining environments, shameful lack of education, and pitiful dependence upon male relatives for survival (Brackett, 2000). Charlotte Brontà « used literature as a means of feminist cultural resistance by identifying the underlying factors of how the Victorian ideologiesRead MoreJane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte1601 Words   |  7 Pagesfeminist’s beliefs would likely shock her, so to in terpret this novel as feminist, one must see it through the lens of the time and place Brontà « wrote it. Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s Jane Eyre was a feminist work in that Bronte expressed disdain for oppressive gender structures through the voice of Jane Eyre, and the actions of Bertha Mason. Jane Eyre was a steamy novel for its time, with imagery as blatantly concealed as Jane’s description of Rochester’s hand as being â€Å"rounded, muscular; and vigorous†¦longRead MoreCharlotte Bronte1859 Words   |  8 PagesCharlotte Bronte was born on April 21, 1816 at Thornton in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Charlotte was the oldest daughter of six kids in the Bronte household. She helped raise her brother, Branwell, and her two sisters, Emily and Anne. As Charlotte and her sisters grew up they started to grow a very vivid and creative imagination. They would play in made up kingdoms and would write stories and poems based on their childhood adventures. These writings that she developed with her sisters were theRead MoreFunhouse Mirrors: Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason Essay1717 Words   |  7 PagesTim Bartlett ENG 396 March 23, 2011 Funhouse Mirrors: Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason â€Å"Jane Eyre† is a book centred around female duality. In a time when females were still expected to fulfill their â€Å"womanly duties,† Charlotte Bronte wrote a novel dealing with a woman’s view on morality sexuality, passion sensibility, and conformity insanity, among other themes. This motif of duality plays a strong part in the dynamism that makes up the book, and is not limited to the themes, but is also usedRead MoreEssay on Jane Eyre: An Orphan’s Success Story1750 Words   |  7 PagesJane Eyre: An Orphan’s Success Story       In Victorian literature, the orphan can be read as an unfamiliar and strange figure outside the dominant narrative of domesticity (Peters 18). They were often portrayed as poor children without a means of creating a successful life for themselves. Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, however, is a portrayal of a female orphan who triumphs over almost every environment she enters. Therefore, Jane’s ability to overcome the hardships that she encounters is a fictionalRead More Comparing the Quest for Self in Jane Eyre and Villete Essay3561 Words   |  15 PagesQuest for Self in Jane Eyre and Villete      Ã‚   Why is Villette so disagreeable? Because the writers mind contains nothing but hunger, rebellion and rage. Matthew Arnold, 1853.    Matthew Arnold was certainly forthcoming about the defects of both Charlotte Brontes   mind and of her novel. Indeed he was not alone in his reaction to her; Anne   Mozley in The Christian Remembrancer ;in April 1853 wrote in reaction to   Brontes other great work of rebellion, Jane Eyre, that she hadRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Hunger Games By Scott Westerfeld1399 Words   |  6 Pagesthe oppressed, and rebellion against societal norms: these are some of the many ingredients of a book that hailed a new approach toward writing, trailblazing a whole subgenre of fictitious works. This book, a book which will stand the test of time, embodies the female struggle in an oppressive society. This book, Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies, will survive as it became a beacon in the new style of young adult dystopian novels with female protagonists. This book, much in the same way that Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢sRead MoreEssay about Passion and Practicality of Jane Eyre1862 Wor ds   |  8 PagesPassion and Practicality of Jane Eyre      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre is a coming-of-age story about an unconventional womans development within a society of strict rules and expectations. At pivotal moments in Janes life, she makes choices which are influenced by her emotions and/or her reason. Through the results of those choices, Jane learns to balance passion and practicality to achieve true happiness.    Jane is a spirited woman, and her emotions give her a strength of characterRead MoreJane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte1124 Words   |  5 PagesJane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice were written in consecutive literary eras. Pride and Prejudice was written prior to Jane Eyre; Pride and Prejudice was written during the Regency Period and Jane Eyre was written in the Victorian Era (Kalikoff, Chin-Yi). Elizabeth, from Pride and Prejudice, marries a man named Mr. Darcy who was of a higher social class. Jane Eyre marries Rochester after she gains wealth from her uncle so their classes are equal. Marriage was the survival tool for women; women would

What part does competition play in people’s daily life Free Essays

What part does competition play in people’s daily lives? Playing sports is a necessary habit in everyone’s ordinary life. Playing sports not only Improves our health and wellbeing but It also teaches us important lessons of our dally lives. Tennis, Cricket, Football and Basketball are kinds of sports which require more physical ability while chess and poker are the types of sports that require more mental skills. We will write a custom essay sample on What part does competition play in people’s daily life or any similar topic only for you Order Now Different sports teach us many lessons of life while keeping us healthy and active. Playing sports not only conditions the body, but also builds social skills, confidence and skills required In everyday living. Take playing basketball for example, In order to play. You must learn how to dribble the ball, how to shoot and most Importantly. How to pass the ball to your team mate with success. This builds teamwork by showing that working together will achieve much more than working alone. When playing sport, the results may not be as important as the experience you would have gained, which will greatly influence your life quality and the way you handle things. Sport caches us basic principles of daily life which are required to succeed in a job too. Passing the ball to a team mate to win as a team is like working with your colleagues to succeed at work, shooting a goal is like doing your part for the team and dribbling the ball past the opposition is like overcoming hurdles you will face in your life. Sports that require more mental skills such as chess and poker teach you logical thinking and how to keep a calm mind in difficult situations that arise in life. In chess for example, you must carefully plan every move to outsmart your opponent. When here is an intense situation, you can’t afford to be nervous or anxious, you must have a calm mind and make decisions on how to tackle the problem. The same goes for real life. Winning in sports gives you an abundance of confidence which inspires you to keep playing and makes you feel good about yourself. Yet losing helps too, It makes you set a goal and work towards it similarly to life, this could be getting a certain award or winning a competition. Playing sports like chess and poker teach you to make plans at every step and prepare for the Incidences that occur at every moment wrought life. Sport Is the most interesting way of learning. Sometimes we learn greatly from It even without even noticing It. It does have some negatives such as Injuries but these are greatly overpowered by the benefits. It Is a great preparation for your future life while obviously keeping you fit and healthy. BY toadied improves our health and wellbeing but it also teaches us important lessons of our daily lives. Tennis, Cricket, Football and Basketball are kinds of sports which require and skills required in everyday living. Take playing basketball for example, in order to lay, you must learn how to dribble the ball, how to shoot and most importantly, how teaches us basic principles of daily life which are required to succeed in a Job too. To keep playing and makes you feel good about yourself. Yet losing helps too, it makes make plans at every step and prepare for the incidences that occur at every moment Sport is the most interesting way of learning. Sometimes we learn greatly from it even without even noticing it. It does have some negatives such as injuries but these are greatly overpowered by the benefits. It is a great preparation for your future life How to cite What part does competition play in people’s daily life, Papers

Servitude and Deception in Dr. Faustus free essay sample

How Faustus comes full circle in his realization that he is not, nor has he ever been, the master of his fate. This essay examines the relationship between Faustus and Mephistopheles in Marlowes original Dr. Faustus. It successfully argues that although Faustus thoroughly believes that he is in control of his own destiny and the magic that he wields, he is really nothing more than a pawn of the devil, and eventually, will come full circle in his life as he begins to realize that he never had control of Mephistopheles rather quite the opposite. Christopher Marlowes tragedy Doctor Faustus is a Renaissance play about greed, good versus evil, and the corruption that often accompanies the quick acquisition of power and material wealth. The play chronicles the later life of the theologian and scholar Dr. John Faustus; a man who has become bored with the seeming mundane and slow progression of his studies and who longs for the power and omniscience of a deity. We will write a custom essay sample on Servitude and Deception in Dr. Faustus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In return for these blessings, he agrees to sell his soul to Lucifer, the ruler of Hell, partially because he realizes that the Judeo-Christian god will not grant him such power, and partly because the path he chooses is quicker and easier than a life of academic study.